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The modern age has always been about technological advancements and introductions. And, when it comes to today’s pot culture, one cannot argue but agree with the availability of certain equipment. A piece of advanced equipment allows a user to minimize human effort and boost the entire process. Meanwhile, the weed culture has its fair share of consuming time and effort. You have to be precise and careful, from getting the right herb or buds to grinding and rolling the joint. That is because all such steps can determine the quality of your smoking experience. 

However, grinding is one of the tricky jobs a user has to manage. Not only do you have to be careful while grinding dry herbs, but you also have to ensure that you do not have moist hands. While pulling herbs by hand, various plant matters along with pollen can stick against your fingers, reducing the plant’s potency. To eliminate the human touch, cannabis enthusiasts came up with herb grinders. 

What is a grinder?

If you are a rookie marijuana consumer in today’s date, you might have come across a herb grinder at a nearby dispensary. The truth is, when you roll the herb into an OCB paper, you would not want to smoke significant nugs of weed that have not undergone a proper grounding process. 

Most importantly, smoking such nugs can produce an uneven burn, resulting in a substandard hit. You will end up wasting weed and your money. Quality grinders simplify and speed up the process by swiftly separating dry herbs to produce a finely ground product. Besides, when the weed is ground, you can pack it more tightly into a rolling paper or bowl. This simply implies that weed is exposed to a meager amount of oxygen, ensuring it burns less before you plan to increase the airflow while inhaling. Consuming herbs in such a way can control the valuable stash. Moreover, a grinder acts as a portable container for leftover weed.

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Talking about the best weed grinder available on the market, you will come across some made from plastic, metal, stainless steel, anodized aluminum & electric grinders with a couple of interlocking pieces. These pieces are lower and upper chambers. The upper section comprises a range of teeth to grind the herb. When you twist and move the chambers in opposite directions, the herb gets sliced and ground.  When the herb gets grinded up, the kief trickles down to the kief catcher.

Weed grinders have evolved quite a bit in the twenty-first century, ranging from basic, inexpensive ones to multi-use grinder kits. So, if you are looking to grind the herb without much effort, we have reviewed eight of the best weed grinders you will come across in 2021.

  1. Genie 8 Spokes Rims Aluminum Grinder

All stoners understand the importance of quality grinders. Bringing in quality does not mean it should not be cost-effective. An ideal grinder is one that efficiently grinds the herb without leaving massive nugs for you to roll. This is why experts consider Genie 8 Spokes Rims Aluminum Grinder for an effective and personalized process. Budder products are not only designed well, but they meet the needs of several users worldwide.

Besides, this aluminum grinder is superlatively designed with brilliant engineering. Budder Bongs have introduced the grinder with four parts and 1 x spare screen. It’s an easy-to-use product that measures around 2.5" in diameter and 2" in height. Furthermore, its rugged cone-shaped teeth make the grinding process more manageable and evenly distribute the herb for a smooth product. If you look at the product closely, you will come across a steel mesh that helps pollen fall through the other chamber’s end. The tooth design on this herb grinder is outstanding, it's definitely a cali crusher. 

  1. 3 Parts Aluminum Herb Grinder With Handle

Budder Bong’s 3 Parts Aluminum Herb Grinder comes with a handle to make the process a bit easier for avid cannabis users. Gone are those days when you had to grind buds by hands. Such an approach was not only messy but relatively ineffective. Earlier, pollen used to get stuck on the moist fingers with sweat maneuvering throughout your herb. This used to be the primary reason for a substandard smoking experience. After all the hard work, you would not want to go through this.

However, this piece grinder with a handle has three parts and is made of high-quality aluminum material. The grinder has diamond-shaped teeth that cut through the herb and comes with a micro-mesh installed in the last chamber. One can utilize such a compelling piece of equipment to grind dry herbs, tobacco, or any form of spices efficiently and evenly. Moreover, the handle installed on the first chamber allows you to circulate the rings without any effort. 

In the end, if you are looking to travel with this pocket-sized grinder, do not fret. Instead, put it in your pocket or place it in the carry bag’s back pocket.

  1. Infyniti 4 Parts Aluminum Grinder w/silicone Container

You already know how vital grinding is to the entire weed-smoking activity. Moreover, it would be fair to say that even though the market is full of various grinder containers, each one has its salient features. No matter what brand you go for, one of the essential features has to be a grinder’s teeth. When they begin to wear out, it is time to change the shredder once and for all. However, when it comes to the four-parts aluminum grinder by Infyniti, you won’t face such an issue.

This grinder comprises dowel and magnet snap closure and comes with a silicone container for wax oils. While you may think that storage requires another piece of equipment, Infyniti’s product accommodates this feature. It is attractive multi-colored equipment, which can withstand several years of grinding herbs, tobacco, and spices. However, if you have been thinking of its size, this Aluminum Grinder w/silicone Container is 2.5" in diameter and 2.5" in height.

  1. Genie 4 Parts Faux Wood Window Grinder

Some users might go for quirky grinders to suit their vibe, while others may buy authentic Genie grinders. Either way, you will end up performing the same activity of grinding your herbs. So, when it comes to such equipment, a precise after-product is what you expect. A grinder made of faux wood is resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Apart from its appearance, this crusher has a massive chamber with heightened teeth to grind and break the herb efficiently. This allows you to prevent huge nugs of buds from making it to your joint. 

In other words, such nugs can hinder your smoking experience and may even provide you with inconsistent blows. Furthermore, Genie Faux Wood Window Grinder has a mini-mesh to collect weed leftovers like pollen. Even if you are a bit careless and think you might spill the substance while grinder, do not fret. Even though the grinder has a faux wood exterior, its chambers prevent any form of spillage and store the ground herb until ready.  

  1. Infyniti 4 Parts Metal Herb Grinder 7506

Who doesn’t like flashy and colorful pieces of equipment? And, when it comes to the pot culture, everyone loves a good trip. Under such circumstances, colors play a pivotal role in determining the essence of your trip. To start with, this metal weed grinder by Infyniti comes in various catchy colors like Gun Metal, Rainbow, Gold, Blue, and Rose Gold. So, you’re sure to find one that appeals to you.

Moving onto its structure and the work it does, Infyniti Metal Grinder has four parts with a colorful pollen chamber to catch the leftover pollen. While the chambers do not promote any form of spillage, you can even store the herb until ready. Furthermore, this grinder features razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth to fluff and shred nugs with ease and efficiency. Since it is 2.3" in diameter and 2.2" in height, you can carry this reefer-inspired piece of equipment anywhere while on the road. And, if you are worried about the metal-on-metal contact and residue build-up, do not worry! 

  1. Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz 4 Parts Shredder is ideal for convection vaporizers that can shred your weed buds effortlessly. Known as the medical-grade grinder, Santa Cruz has a pretty decent reputation and history in the grinding industry. It does not end there. This one has an anodized threaded surface to avoid damage when a couple of metal surfaces rub against each other. Such a feature might keep the micro-parts of aluminum away from your ground herb.

A user does not need strength to grind the buds. Its easy-to-grind grip makes it manageable. Moreover, the grinder is free from all the contaminants that might be present in the manufacturing process. For convection vape users who like their buds fluffy, Santa Cruz Shredder is an ideal option. All such features make the shredder/grinder the best of picks for any user who doesn't disregard safety and experience. Another notable feature of this shredder is that it can last for more than ten years without degrading and not catching cannabis kief.

  1. Chromium 4-Piece Crusher

This is one of the cheapest 4-piece grinders you will come across on the market. Even though it is not costly does not imply that it is of substandard quality. The grinder comes with a zinc coating to ward off aluminum flakes and a lifetime warranty. It might not be as sturdy as other quality grinders on the market, but a user can successfully grind herbs and spices with the equipment for more than a couple of years. Speaking of which, its zinc-aluminum alloy allows it to gain some weight, making the grinder one of the heaviest in its league. 

While using the Chromium 4-piece Crusher, you might come across herb pieces stuck around the edges of its chambers. Quality ones might not entertain kief, but they are pretty expensive. For someone who will start their pot journey, a cheap and sturdy grinder will do the job. To begin with, clean the grinder thoroughly after every grinding session. Through such a process, you might just allow the grinder to survive for another year. And, remember, you won’t get a better option than this for its price. 

  1. Space Case 2-Piece Grinder Titanium 

Space Case Titanium Grinders are the best you can buy when it comes to performance. That is because users can choose to attempt a fine or more coarse grind. This also depends on how fast or slow you grind the herb caught amid the chambers. Grinding involves several techniques. Some pot-heads might attempt a fluffy grind, wherein others would go for a refined process. This entirely depends on the herb consistency you want to roll into a joint and smoke. The diamond-shaped teeth ensure that they break the biggest and hardest nugs with the utmost precision and efficiency.

If you have been using Santa Cruz or Genie grinders, Space Case Grinders are as sturdy as them. This beast of a crusher does not require any cleaning, allowing you to travel with ease and no worries. It is incredibly portable and ideal if you want to attend a conduction vape. Remember, this 2-piece grinder does not produce a fluffy grind. If you are more into fine after-product to tightly stash the joint, this one's for you. 

Choose What Suits You

Talking about cannabis grinding equipment, weed enthusiasts are pretty skeptical of using new and unknown grinders. While someone would prefer a sleek wood-finished grinder, rookies might go with a pot-brownie-inspired crusher. Either way, a grinder is used to perform or attend to a specific activity - weed grinding. However, several variants can make or break your smoking experiences. Inexpensive weed grinders may perform the job but might not age well as compared to a quality one. Meanwhile, a quality grinder can last up to five to ten years without much chamber cleaning.

So, while making your decision, you should consider factors such as budget, requirement, durability, and grinder types. Speaking of which, research well, and don’t forget to compare various variants unless you find the right match. That is because you surely would not want to smoke massive nugs, hindering your trip.

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