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The popularity of dry herb vaping has been on a steady increase in recent years, and understandably so. 

Vaping dried herbs allows you to consume plant extracts in their purer and more potent forms. That’s in contrast to e-juices, which must undergo rigorous processing before they can be available for vaping. Note that the industrial processes to which e-liquids are subjected may reduce the potency of these products. Worse yet, the final product might be laced with potentially toxic compounds. 

Another notable benefit of vaping dry herbs is that it’s less expensive than vaping e-juices. If you already have the herbs growing in your backyard, you can easily prepare them into dry, vapable products at no extra cost. You only need to invest in fitting dry herb vape kits, such as a herb grinder.

Read on as we expound on a herb grinder and some fun facts about this essential vape accessory. Hopefully, after reading the post, you can purchase the best herb grinder in Canada from the point of information.


What Is A Herb Grinder?

A herb grinder, simply known as a grinder, refers to a device used for grinding dried plant extracts before vaping, smoking, or otherwise consuming them. Most herb grinders are cylindrical and are designed with two separable halves (top and bottom) and sharp teeth or pegs. 

How do herb grinders work? 

There are numerous high-quality herb grinders out there. These products are available in multiple shapes and designs. However, they pretty much function in the same way. According to the design of most herb grinders, the sharp teeth are aligned so that when you turn the two halves, the materials inside the device get shredded.  

Herb Grinders Maximize the Potency of Your Plant Extracts

We’ve already mentioned how useful herb grinders are to dry herb vapers. Still, it’s essential to know how you stand to benefit by purchasing the best herb grinder in 2021. The primary benefit of herb grinders is that these devices maximize the effects of herbal extracts. This has a lot to do with the science of surface area to volume ratio. Generally, the smaller the lumps of a solid substance, the higher its surface area to volume ratio. 

By shredding plant extracts into their finer components, herb grinders increase these herb’s surface area to volume ratio, which implies that there’s a higher surface available for interaction with your e-cig heating chamber. This ensures uniform heat distribution. So, the effects of vaping ground plant extracts are theoretically stronger than the effects of consuming larger chunks of these herbs. 


Herb Grinders Are Available In Various Material Options

Another critical consideration while looking for the best herb grinders is remembering that these devices come in various materials. Common materials used in manufacturing herb grinders include metal, wood, and acrylic. 


Most metallic herb grinders are made from aluminum. Aluminum is solid and durable. The metal is also safe to use compared to heavier metals like lead. Plus, it’s relatively affordable. 

Stainless steel is the second-most popular choice for metallic herb grinders. Steel is more robust and more durable than aluminum. However, it’s a bit expensive. To have the best of both worlds, you might consider herb grinders made from aluminum bodies and stainless steel blades. 


If aesthetic appeal is your primary consideration while choosing a herb grinder, then you might want to consider wooden grinders. Wood is also famous for its biodegradability. 

On the flip side, wooden herb grinders usually come with fewer compartments. That limits their storage capacity. 


Acrylic is the cheapest of all common herb grinder materials. That makes it ideal for buyers on a tight budget. 

But as you might expect, that relative affordability reflects negatively in terms of durability. Not only are acrylic grinders brittle and prone to breakage. They also tend to lose their grinding ability over time. 

Herb Grinders Come In All Shapes and Sizes

    The size of a herb grinder is determined by the number of herbs the device can grind in one sitting. You require larger herb grinders if you consume considerably more herbs. However, larger grinders can be pretty bulky to carry around. 

    The shape of a herb grinder mostly comes down to the grinder’s number of compartments. 

    Many grinders only have one compartment. But you can also find devices with up to three compartments. More compartments translate to larger storage space. Most importantly, note that herb grinder prices vary significantly depending on shape and size. Larger grinders with unique designs and more compartments tend to cost more.

    The Efficiency of a Herb Grinder Depends On Its Teeth

    The ability of a herb grinder to shred herbal extracts into finer pieces is measured by the efficiency of the grinder’s teeth. Note that herb grinders vary significantly in terms of the number of teeth. The ideal range is anywhere between 20 and 50 teeth. Ideally, more teeth translate into higher efficiency. 

    But perhaps the most important thing to consider here isn't the number but the shape of the teeth. Generally, grinders with razor-sharp diamond teeth are more efficient compared to those with peg teeth. Also, the teeth should preferably be made of stronger metals like stainless steel and aluminum. Remember, teeth are the most functional components of any herb grinder, and they should outlast all other parts.

    You Can Choose Between Manual and Electric Grinders

    Herb grinders can also be classified as manual or electric. Manual herb grinders operate without needing to charge. So, you won’t have to worry about battery life. Most manual herb grinders are also easy to carry around. Plus, they’re easier to clean and more affordable than their electric counterparts. 

    On the flip side, electric grinders are more efficient at shredding plant materials than manual grinders. Electric grinders are also easier to use. If the battery is well-charged, you can shred your herbal extracts while attending to other important assignments. 

    But whichever option you go for, remember to prioritize multi-functional grinders. Not only do these grinders shred your plant extracts. They also come with storage compartments and a dispensing mechanism. 


    A herb grinder is an essential item in a dry herb vaper’s kit. The device offers numerous benefits. But as you may have gathered throughout the post, there are certain factors to consider before buying the best herb grinder for you. Also, note that you may need a considerable amount of time learning the ropes. Fortunately, there are numerous online resources on how to use a herb grinder.

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