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When it comes to cleaning your bong, we recommend the following products:

1.  Orange Chronic

This cleaner has been around for a long time, and there's a reason it's still so popular. Orange Chronic is a reusable glass and metal cleaner made from all-natural and renewable materials. The cleaner's abrasive granules achieve instant results without the need for scrubbing or waiting. They don't suggest soaking for more than 5 minutes. This bong cleaner is fantastic for those who smoke flower from their pipe, but it does not work as well on concentrate buildup in our experience. Rinse with hot water after the 5-minute soak and see all of the resin leak out of even the tightest percolators.

2.  Randy's Black Label Cleaner

Oil resin is more difficult to deal with and stickier than normal flower resin. Although most bong cleaners are still suitable for rigs, not all are suitable for titanium, quartz, or ceramic. That is why Randy's Black Label comes highly recommended. It costs more than other cleaners, but it cleans every typical dabbing material perfectly. With striking results, clean your nails and rigs with the same formula.

Randy's Black Label's most remarkable attribute is how easily it operates. Randy's melts caked-on oil resin in minutes, regardless of the complexity of your piece, for a sparkling clean rig.

3. 420 Cleaner

Tired of letting your pipes soak in water all night? Formula 420 Initial Cleaner, or simply 420 Cleaner, is one of the best bong cleaners on the market. This strong solution, which contains large, coarse salt as well as other resin-melting chemicals, restores the appearance of your glass in under 5 minutes. Simply give the bottle a good shake before using 420 Cleaner to ensure a good balance of salt and liquid.

4. Resin Demon

The first and only cleaning solution that coats percolators, down stems, and your most fragile glass. There is no need for more than one bong cleaner because Resin Demon is safe to use on all surfaces. It's free of salt, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and other abrasives. The only national brand with a Material Safety Data Sheet that states "non-hazardous products" is Resin Demon.
Resin Demon will leave your bottle, hands, sink, grinders, and tools all looking and smelling brand new.
Resin Demon is now available at your neighbourhood smoke store, budder bongs, on Amazon, and from certified online retailers.
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