Our customers ask us if all bongs are the same. We let them know that both a basic cheap water pipe around $15 and a costly gravity bong will provide the same hit. What makes costly glass bongs so valuable? Is it only the additional diffusers and percolators ? In conclusion, it's not the accessories that create the difference between premium bongs and ordinary ones.

Glass, joint size, form, joint connections, base volume, glass quality, and diffusers are all factors to consider. All of these factors, as well as others, have a significant impact on how bongs work. Expensive glass requires a great deal of engineering. You might be able to locate something comparable, but if you turn it over, it'll be a mess broken pieces. Even cleaning them is a hassle. 

It's clear that bongs may be pricey, and for many casual users, high-priced items may not be the best decision. If your only aim is to get high, there is no guilt in purchasing a less expensive bong. However, for those seeking to get the most out of their smoking experience, there is an indisputable benefit to purchasing high quality glass, carefully constructed, minimal drag, unrivalled fluidity.

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