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You're in the urge to let free and go high, but you must restrain yourself. A little patience and preparation, like with all pleasures of life, makes a big difference. To get the most bang for your money, prepare your marijuana properly before rolling a joint.

Process that is more efficient

Before we go into why you should use a grinder to ground your buds, let's take a look at the most frequent alternative: grinding them by yourself. You'll be breaking those buds and removing those bothersome stems with your fingertips.

Expect erratic outcomes that may detract from the encounter, and good luck attempting to get a fine job completed with your fingertips if the cannabis is sticky.

Improved Experience For users

You need this joint to last as long as possible, because when you're high, it's all about the journey to the point, not the goal. Make it worthwhile for you to spend your time, and the best way to accomplish so is to have a steady supply of flower buds in your joint.

So you get your money's worth, grind them into more refined and cleaner bits that can be rolled up in that paper. It doesn't have to dissolve into powder, but smaller bits are easier to burn through.

Loss of Quality

Marijuana enthusiasts will warn you about this one. THC, the tiny fibres found in between the flower, gives marijuana its frosty appearance. Attempting to disassemble it by hand for doobie ends in it becoming glued to the hand.

If you're losing the kick from the kush, you're probably missing out on a better high.

Hold tight to your Kief, because Chief Formations at the end of the buds known as Kief can become trapped in between grinders, which is a major no-no. Fortunately, grinders come with kief-catchers, so you can roll those trichomes and save them for later use. What a great way to get your money's worth.

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