When it relates to smokers accessories, it's no surprise that dry herb connoisseurs favour the cold, smooth hits that a bong provides. Recreational smokers prefer percolator bongs even more than traditional bongs. They generally offer even more flavorful and smoother hits than ordinary bongs since they feature an additional layer of water filtering.

When it pertains to smoking marijuana from a bong, there's a common misunderstanding that they're difficult to use. However, the hit you get from a bong is far more potent than a joint or a glass pipe. That, however, is not the case. Bongs are simple to use and can be perfected with only a few simple steps. Here are some pointers to help you improve your bong skills.

Inhale and Exhale Properly 

To get the most out of your percolator bong smoking experience, take long, calm breathes. Make sure you do some breathing exercises before starting your piece. Your lungs will expand and your breathing capacity will increase.

Grind up your Herb

If you're low on smoking materials, you may split up the dried herb with an ordinary pair of scissors. A grinder, on the other hand, is required for an even burn. When compared to bigger pieces, finely powdered dry herbs burn considerably more slowly and evenly.

There's a popular saying among herb smokers that "you're not smoking right until you're coughing." We do not really know whether this is true or not, but most people cough when using a bong. They shouldn't have to, though.


Many cough after taking a hit from a perc bong for an obvious reason: the smoke dries out the throat and tongue.While it's impossible to smoke and drink water at the same time, there is an easy solution.

Chewing gum or sucking on a mint will cause saliva to be produced, keeping your mouth and throat wet.

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