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There's no question that water bongs are an excellent option for a soothing toking session. And if you're a new bong user, you might be wondering how much water to put in your bong or dab rig, as well as how to get those mind-blowing hits that everyone is talking about. Weed bongs come in a range of sizes, forms, percolators, chambers, and styles, and having the correct water level is important because it affects how well your glass bong works. So the question is: how much water do you really need in your water bong? It's not rocket science to find out this one.



When it comes to the correct bong water level for single perc bongs, you can fill it halfway up to the point that your downstem is partially submerged. If your downstem is diffused, make sure your water level is high enough to fully submerge all of the slits.


Pour the water into the mouthpiece first, then through the percolators, for a more flavorful hit on a Double Perc Bong. You slowly blowdown to cause some trickling on the water after filling it up to the centre between two perc discs. You can skip this step if you pour the water directly into the joint. Make sure the water level is evenly distributed between the two discs when you fill your bong. Rip it open to see if the water gets into your mouth. If it does, remove a small amount of water. You're ready to go bong ripping once you've found your favourite water stage! You can now smoke through the water which will give you some of that cool smoke! It will be an enjoyable smoking experience ! You can use different types of bongs such as straight tube , silicone bongs , beaker bongs. Also, remember that filling up your bong depends on the size.


It doesn't matter if water is sitting on top of Honeycomb Perc Bongs as long as water flows through them. It's all about keeping the water and percolator at the right distance. To get the best results, fill it in from the stem until it's around a third of the way to the honeycomb.

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