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If you use marijuana, you're probably already familiar with the benefits of a glass bong or a dab rig. You can't imagine loving your smoke session without this marvel, and with good reason.

Water filtration, according to several studies, is essential for protecting our overall health while smoking, especially cannabis smoking. It assists in the cleaning of smoke by eliminating toxic compounds. Who knew filtration of water could be so important?

However, few people change dirty bong water, and even fewer are aware of the health consequences of doing so. Of course, dirty bong water combined with a dirty bong will alter the flavour of your cannabis herb or other herbs, resulting in a ruined smoking session and experience.


Stagnant water can be compared to dirty bong water that hasn't changed in a long time. Stagnant water is a concept that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. However, it usually refers to water that remains in a single location and does not flow as it should. As a consequence, stagnant water is often referred to as standing water.

Such water is ideal for parasites, bacteria, insects, and even mould to thrive. A filthy bong, on the other hand, not only contains dirty water, but also stagnant water.

A dirty bong containing dirty bong water, in particular, offers ideal conditions for bacteria to flourish. Here are some of the conditions: A wet air or water,
Nutrients from the smoked herb's remaining plant resins, area available for development

Such conditions promote the growth of pathogens that have been connected to the development of respiratory illnesses. It's important to remember that these pathogens don't take long to invade and develop in your glass bong. Biofilm forms at the surface of the water after a day of not washing out your filthy bong water.

The proof of the microscopic organisms thriving in your bong water is called a biofilm. As previously described, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are examples of microbes or microscopic organisms. It's worth noting that microbes that ultimately form biofilm are more difficult to handle.

When you smoke with dirty bong water, you're essentially exposing your lungs to these difficult-to-treat pathogens. In other words, a soiled microbe isn't just an annoyance; it's also a health threat. According to studies, microbes that develop from a biofilm cause at least 80% of diseases that affect vital body organs.

So, how much does one change the water in their bong? Furthermore, how can a bong be cleaned?


Given that a biofilm forms in less than 24 hours on stagnant water, bong water should be modified on a regular basis. To put it another way, one can change the water in their bong on a regular basis. This means that any bacteria that have begun to develop in your bong water have been eradicated.

Finally, contaminated bong water is a major health hazard. Many who miss their water pipes or bong water are more likely to develop severe and, in many cases, incurable respiratory diseases like pneumonia.

Because of the water filtration device, a glass bong or dab rig will help protect you from toxic residue in the smoke. You'll be doing yourself more harm than good if you don't clean your glass water pipe or use clean bong water. The cleaning procedure is straightforward and takes just a few minutes.

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