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Review of Genie Glass Brand

It's a Canadian glass manufacturer with a variety of styles that both smokers and dabbers would love. Let's take a closer look at the brand and what makes it unique.

Excellent Reliability and Affordability

This is one of the products to consider if you're searching for thick glass bongs. They have beaker and straight tube bongs that are 7mm and 9mm thick, which is thicker than typical bongs. The bong has a nice, hefty weight to it. You may relax knowing that a small bump or thud won't simply shatter such a bong.

The Genie glass water beaker bong is a stunning blend of design, utility, and engineering. Genie beaker bongs that are 24" tall and 9mm thick are available. The glass component can be a standard scientific glass with the bare minimum of features such as a diffuser downstem and an ice pincher.

Some parts are unique and interesting.  The straight fantastic bong with an inbuilt showerhead perc is a great example. It also has a honeycomb perc for even more diffusion and smoother, cleaner impacts. You may also purchase them if you want a glass item that plays with colours.

The dab rigs are made in a similar manner to their bongs, but with a few differences. Although you may get one that is 12” tall, they come in sizes that are more appropriate for dabbing. You may choose between a standard dab rig and a recycler rig, which produces cooler, smoother hits.

If you have a  bong,  downstem is required to connect your herb slide to your glass piece. Genie Glass also offers a variety of diffuser downstems that may be used to swap out or replace your current downstem.

The glass parts are very simple to work with. The bongs and dab rigs are sturdy, allowing you to add ash catchers or dropper accessories.

It flows readily when you hit the bong, especially if you purchased one of their fantastic perc bongs. The glass parts are simple to use, and there will be no issues with pull pressure.

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